In The News

Some limited news of the 2015 acquisition has been released:

The Lost City of Cambodia, Smithsonian Magazine, Joshua Hammer and Chiara Goia

Record-breaking aerial laser survey to reveal Kingdom’s historical secrets, Phnom Penh Post, Lara Dunston

A new way to find out what lies beneath, Washington Post, Guy Gugliotta

Ancient Secrets, The Cambodia Daily, Michelle Vachon

… although we will be waiting until the publication of our results in a peer-reviewed context, probably in mid 2016, before announcing any significant findings to the media.

However, the following selection of print features, op-ed pieces, documentaries and interviews based on the results of the 2012 acquisition of the Khmer Archaeology LiDAR Consortium will help to illuminate the general, big-picture context of the 2015 campaign:

News Features

Mapping the lost megalopolis, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA, Stephen Ornes

What lies beneath: The fight to save Phnom Kulen, Phnom Penh Post, Poppy McPherson and Vandy Muong

How a vast ancient city was discovered in the Cambodian jungle, The Globe and Mail, Daniel Otis

What the collapse of ancient capitals can teach us about the cities of today, The Guardian, Srinath Perur


Op-Ed Pieces / Interviews

The Real Significance of Mahendraparvata, The Diplomat, Damian Evans

Can Too Much Infrastructure Doom a City?, Next City, Daniel Otis / Damian Evans

Beneath Angkor’s Foliage, Sydney Alumni Magazine, Damian Evans



Jungle Atlantis, BBC

Angkor Revealed, Smithsonian Channel

Access 360° World Heritage: Angkor Wat, National Geographic